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  5. ObserveIT
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Sophos’ main purpose is to provide the best services concerning security and company data protection. Our first antiviruses and encryption systems go back to the 80s. Nowadays our solutions protect more than 100.000 companies and 100 million users, in more than 150 countries. We understand your necessities and we know what you need to protect your business; this is why we are acknowledged as leader both by analysts and by users.

Our products are specifically designed to eliminate complexity. The result is an advanced and complete protection. Cyber security should not be in the way, and for this reason we keep the impact on resources at minimal levels. Moreover we strive to facilitate delivery, policy settings and threats removal. We offer protection wherever you need it: computers, laptops, desktops and virtual servers, mobile devices as well as network, web and e-mail gateways.

Complete security means that we do not simply identify threats, but we help you solve any kind of issue that might rise while securing your systems

-          we limit the attack surface (?) we take care of the factors that contribute increasing the risks such as vulnerabilities, websites, application and data sharing

-          we protect everywhere: we ensure your users protection, regardless the geographic location or the device used

-          We block attacks and security breaches: we went beyond the simple virus definition, to promptly block new threats

-          we ensure business continuity: both for the users and for the IT department’s team. Our products are specifically studied to simplify those activities that nowadays take away too much time.


Our analysts actively monitor more than just malwares. We observe all the elements that may give rise to new threats, such as. vulnerabilities, applications, Web sites, and spam. The intelligence gathered is then developed and applied to our products, to consolidate your protection. Moreover, the uninterrupted connection via cloud means that we are also able to optimize this intelligence whenever it is necessary.

-          HIPS rules: we compile them for you, we check the accuracy and, if necessary, we optimize it. You simply need to tick a box to enable a reliable protection.

-          Application Control: it is a standard feature of our antivirus. You select the items that need to be checked and we add the latest applications to keep your criteria updated

-          Data control: sensitive data’s detection (such as credit card numbers or patients identification numbers) is preset and built-in. You can block or warn users that jeopardize this type of data.

-          Vulnerability patches: we provide a real security assessment/estimate concerning operating systems and patches, showing what kind of threats they are able to stop. In this way, you can easily identify the most important patch to be applied.

We are officially acknowledged as a leader.




Mimecast removes spam and malware threats before they reach your network and enforces email content policies and secure communication methods to protect sensitive data. All inbound, outbound and internal email is stored in Mimecast’s resilient and secure
archive in accordance with centrally managed retention policies. Unique integration with Outlook and SharePoint offers users a bottomless mailbox and uninterrupted email should your corporate email systems fail. All service functionality is managed from a single
administration console with no additional on-premise hardware required, significantly reducing the overall complexity of managing your email.

Key features
• Highly secure and resilient offsite, cloud-based email archive
• Rapid and accurate organization-wide search facility
• Archive accessible from Outlook, SharePoint, and any web browser
• Search apps available for Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8/RT,
iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry mobile devices
• SLA-backed protection from spam and malware
• Comprehensive data leak prevention (DLP) policy management
• Continuity service with automatic failover during outages
• Massively scalable Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)
• All features managed through a single, web-based console
• No additional on-premise hardware required
• Backed by a 100% service availability SLA

Benefits for your end-users
• Uninterrupted access to live and historical email
• Anywhere web access to email and calendar information
• Real-time archive search from Outlook, web and mobile
• Bottomless mailbox for Outlook users
• User invoked secure communication
• User assigned email stationery
• Manage personal block and hold lists directly from within Outlook

Mimecast Unified Email Management

Streamline your email infrastructure
Mimecast Unified Email Management is a centrally managed cloud solution that replaces the disparate mix of software, hardware and services typically deployed to support Exchange. Mimecast delivers email security, continuity and, optionally long term archiving, as a single solution; simplifying your network, reducing administration and easing pressure on overcrowded server rooms.

Reduce administration overhead
With no on-premise equipment to maintain and a single provider to go to for support, Mimecast instantly cuts down your administration burden.
Mimecast’s team of experts keeps your email defenses up to date, so you have less to worry about. With Mimecast archiving in place, rapid
and accurate organization-wide searches simplify eDiscovery tasks and painful and risky email data migrations are a thing of the past.
Greater visibility and control of your email Mimecast facilitates the enforcement of organization-wide email security and data retention policies. All policy changes are applied immediately, letting you respond quickly to evolving situations, and all polices will remain in force even during local email outages. Real-time views of your SMTP traffic give you enhanced visibility while online queue management and advanced routing features let you stay in control.

Lighten the load on Microsoft Exchange
Mimecast becomes your email bridgehead in the cloud, stopping vast amounts of unwanted email before it reaches your Exchange server.
Mimecast UEM Enterprise effectively gives users a bottomless Outlook mailbox and offers you advanced mailbox management features. This
takes away the need to keep large volumes of email on Exchange, enhancing its performance and shortening back-up times.

Improve end user experience
During email outages, Mimecast automatically gives users an uninterrupted email service. Mimecast UEM Enterprise personal archive offers users a bottomless mailbox, easing the frustration of mailbox size restrictions in Outlook and on mobile devices. Rapid archive search and “drag and drop” features let users easily and quickly restore deleted messages back into Outlook and user productivity is further improved by giving them mobile access to their archive. Users can also access their archive through an integrated SharePoint search solution that ensures that they do not have to change applications in order to get rich context when searching within SharePoint.



Office365 : Cloud simple productivity in 4 points


Simple and immediate:

-          Based on technologies and products already known. No training for users and IT

-          Services immediately available and accessible from any device (PC, Browser, SmartPhone)

-          User support  24x7

Scalable and Integrated:

-          On premise and online integration: no forced migration

-          On premise to online migration or new services integration in accord with the times and the needs of the company

-          Enhancement of internal IT’s skills

-          Support for integration and deployment (Microsoft Consulting Services o Partner)

Safe and reliable:

-          Geographically redundant datacenters (Dublin and Amsterdam)

-          Security and privacy

-          99% service continuity with economic recognition

-          Enterprise-class solutions (no consumer)

Convenient and predictable:

-          All services included in the basic fee ( antispam, antivirus, backup, redundancy)

-          No booking fees

-          Monthly fee per user

-          Adjustable according to the real needs of each user


vmware        vmwareveeam

Virtual environments are the best way to manage IT infrastructure since a few years.. A virtual environment is efficient, modular, green and safe.

Venticento developed its expertise creating virtual environments on VmWare platforms and we ensure data preservation with Veeam.

VMware vSphere® with Operations Management™ offers the global leader virtualization platform which monitor performances and IT capacity. See more at http://www.vmware.com/it/products/vsphere-operations-management/#sthash.0kNm33Wy.dpuf

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ is a modern solution for data protection (Modern Data Protection™), specially designed for virtualization (Built for Virtualization™) and for cloud environment.

Veeam offers a strong data protection, easy to use and accessible for VmWare and Hyper-V environments. You won’t have to update any other agent, nor restore another virtual machine from scratch, or explain why you can’t respect backup windows.

immagine observeit

ObserveIT provides screen-recording technology to capture all user behavior, regardless of the environment. Beyond providing video-like playback of all user activity, ObserveIT turns these video recordings into User Activity Logs that can be easily searched, analyzed, audited and acted upon. Real-time alerts based on user actions inform administrators about suspicious and unusual activity, to operationalize forensic analysis and enable early detection and mitigation. ObserveIT provides a complete user-centric security solution that is easily integrates into existing security architectures.

immagine 1 observeit


  • REMOTE VENDOR MONITORING - Know exactly what every remote useris doing on your servers. Improve security and ensure trasparent SLA and billing validation.
  • REDUCING COMPLIANCE COSTS - Staying compliant is often just as costly as getting compliant. ObserveIT provides easy gap management, including coverage of PCI Requirements 8, 10, 12, by eliminating the need to rebuild audit protocols whenever you upgrade business software processes.
  • ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS - Achieve fast troubleshooting when you discover the root cause of system config changes. Establish business intelligence with focused navigation and video playback.

Bit9 Logo

The leader in Trust-based Security, Bit9 continuously monitors and records all activity on servers and endpoints to detect and stop cyberthreats that evade traditional security defenses. A cloud-based software reputation service combined with policy-driven application control and whitelisting provide the most reliable form of security in a model that can be rapidly implemented with less maintenance than traditional tools. Bit9 has stopped the most advanced attacks, including Flame, Gauss and the malware responsible for the RSA breach. Almost 1,000 organizations—from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses—use Bit9 to increase security, reduce operational costs, and improve compliance.

The Bit9 Security Platform:
Four Major Capabilities

Know what’s running on every computer—right now.

From a single console, Bit9 gives you immediate visibility—without any scanning or polling—into the files, executions and critical system resources on every machine protected by Bit9. This visibility increases your security posture by giving you the confidence that comes from knowing what has arrived and executed on every system in your company.

Real-time detection of advanced threats and zero-day attacks.

Bit9 detects advanced threats, zero-day attacks and other malware that evades blacklisting and signature-based detection tools. Bit9’s trust-based approach combines real-time sensors, Advanced Threat Indicators, and the Bit9 Software Reputation Service to immediately detect advanced threats and malware. No waiting for signature file updates. No testing and updating .dat files. Just immediate proactive detection.

Stop all untrusted software from executing.

Bit9’s proactive trust-based security solution enables you to define the software that you trust to run in your organization. Everything else is denied by default. That stops advanced threats and other forms of malware—including targeted, customized attacks that are unique to your organization.

A full audit trail accelerates analysis and response.

When you suspect you have a threat incident, Bit9 provides the information you need to analyze, scope, contain and remediate the problem. You can “go back in time” to see what happened in the past, understand what is happening right now, isolate untrusted software and determine the trust rating for any file.

To learn more, please visit www.bit9.com

 Immagine 1 aeohive

immagine aerohive


Today’s enterprise is changing dramatically in the face of a series of inescapable global trends, including the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobility explosion, the emergence of “mobile first” access preference for every device, and the efficiencies of cloud services. These initiatives, combined with the decentralization of the corporate office to include remote offices, branch offices, and teleworkers performing critical functions are forcing enterprises to reevaluate IT strategies.

Aerohive is a cloud networking company that provides comprehensive access solutions for the mobile first enterprise. Built from the ground up for today’s challenges, Aerohive sets new standards for how to address these global trends that are impacting every organization with a unique and powerful combination of distributed networking intelligence, known as our Cooperative Control architecture, and an industry leading cloud services infrastructure. This allows Aerohive to deliver secure, enterprise-class access to every site—from a large campus or headquarters to remote branches and even single teleworker offices – with consistent, predictable service and maximum security.

  •  SERVICE & SUPPORT - Aerohive’s support services are designed to help you design, deploy, manage, and operate an Aerohive network. From planning to maintenance, Aerohive will give you the support you need throughout the product lifecycle.
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT - Aerohive’s support offerings provide you with what you need to keep your wireless network up and running. Aerohive provides several options including software upgrades and updates, 8x5 or 24x7 email and phone support, and advanced hardware replacement.
  • WARRANTY - All Aerohive products are bundled with a limited lifetime hardware warranty that provides replacement for the device. Aerohive’s warranty policy shows our commitment to delivering value to our customers, and provide you with peace of mind from the knowledge that Aerohive will help in the event of a problem.


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