Value Added Services

In addition to providing best-of-breed products and solutions, 20100us offers additional value added services to support your IT teams within your organization.

Value added services are strategic to mitigate the cost of specialized human resources and focused staff training, while at the same time increasing your IT networks capabilities, allowing you to manage IT systems at lower cost and with peace of mind.
Our experts guarantee continuous delivery of critical services by preventing any risks of disruptions on both hardware and software components.

Proactive Monitoring of System Status

Proactive, continuous IT systems performance analysis is strategic and essential to ensure the ongoing health monitoring of every component within your company’s IT system.
In addition to accurate, constant data monitoring, collection and analysis, we are able to provide detailed KPI reports, to empower your own IT team in determining the most appropriate action in accordance with your own organization’s priorities.

IT Solution Architect

Solution architects are highly specialized consultants that guide organizations to implement changes to their IT network during a business expansion or restructuring.
Our solution architects are trained to assist you in every step of this process, from the design to the implementation and management of the solution that best suits your company’s needs.

Executive Dashboard

Our executive dashboard is a dynamic interface which shows the status of your infrastructure’s systems. The dashboard is fully opened to different sources and can be easily customized to give your C-suite immediate access to your organization’s KPIs and information.

Active Directory Audit and Monitoring (ADAM)

ADAM is a software that keeps under control everything that is happening in your organization’s active directory. ADAM allows you to easily spot errors and misconfigurations in users and computers accounts, to compare changes over time, and to test accounts properties to identify violations to security rules and business-defined standards.

Data Governance

Our data governance programs provide your organization with a full spectrum solution that guarantees the availability, integrity, security and usability of your data.
Through our Data Governance Programs, your organization is able to access the “unique and true” knowledge of all events taking place at any time, both inside and outside the company’s premises.

Remote support

Our remote support services assist your in-house IT team to improve productivity, effectiveness of the operational processes and users' satisfaction level through tailor made solutions which can include the monitoring of hardware, warranty maturity and licenses, 24/7 server monitoring solutions and much more.